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I've been working with fsolve and I'm having the following issue: fsolve({dif_Fliq=((nFsol-nFliq)/(psi_sol-psi_liq)),dif_Fliq=dif_Fsol},{psi_sol=0.1..0.9,psi_liq=0.1..0.9}); {psi_liq = 0.4447971078, psi_sol = 0.3459845910} how do I get the value of psi_liq and psi_sol and assign them to a different variable without having to copy the whole thing? i.e. if I use the following command assign(result_liq,psi_liq); I get result_liq=psi_liq = 0.4447971078 not what I want result_liq = 0.4447971078 I also tried: result_liq:=psi_liq and I ended up with the same result
HI there, I have a quick question and I just want to confirm what I found. I was trying to do some Fourier Transform using the MTM package and I was successful in doing so for one dimensional problems when it's only f(x) but when I tried to do something more complicate like 2D fourier transform when the f is a function of x and y ie. f(x,y), Maple seems not able to do it. I checked with help menu and it seems it can support only 1D. is there anything other package that I'm not aware of that is capable of a such thing?
I've been using a combination of Fortran and gnuplots to do my plots. my research required an intensive amount of data plotting. I've been trying to use maple to do scatterplots and curve fitting for my data. here is the code: > K := readdata("/Users/xxx/Work/dt40s5l10.110/ALL/dt40s5l10.110.1.DFIR.AVE", 8) # the file contains 2972 lines and 8 columns of data > unassign('G', 'X'); > seq(assign(G[i], (K[i+1, 5]-K[i, 5])/(K[i+1, 1]-K[i, 1])), i = 1 .. 2970); # to calculate the derivative > seq(assign(X[i], K[i, 1]), i = 1 .. 2970); when I tried to plot X vs G using scatterplots
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