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Is it possible to coerce Maple to use all of the CPU capabilities (100%) in computations?

I am using Maple.2016.1a.x64. with following system infos:

If yes how?

If no why?


Working on my maple worksheet, suddenly the PC was shut down because of outage. Now I cant open my worksheet. When I open my file, Text format Choice window emerges without success in opennig the file withot regard which item selected. 

Could anybody help me open my worksheet.



I have lists like below, how to compute the size of such lists.

Y := {Theta[i, j, 2]+2*Omega[i, j, 2]+4*GAMMA[i, j, 2], Omega[i, j, 1]+3*GAMMA[i, j, 1]+Omega[i, j, 2]+3*GAMMA[i, j, 2], -Theta[i, j, 1]+2*GAMMA[i, j, 1]+Omega[i, j, 2]+3*GAMMA[i, j, 2]}

Size of Y is 3 as you see, but Dimension and Count commands failed to return it. 

How maple could handle the set of linear equations in which the number of unknowns are more than number of equations?

For example in the case we have two linear equations with three unknowns, by solving this set we arrive at an equation relates the unknowns. (i.e. intersection of two plane is equation of a specific line), How it is possible to get the equation of this line in maple?

What about in general? e.g. 6-equations with 15 unkowns?

I have work sheet full of greek letters as words and parameters, some times I need to find where the specific letter is, but it seems find facility (Ctrl+F) couldnt find greek letters. 

Suppose I have following workshee


II := 1



JJ := 1



N := 1




U1 := add(add(add(add(add((2*Rr[i, m]*Rr[k, m]/((2*m+1)*(2*j+1))*(2*b/(2*a)))*(A[1, 1]*U[i, j]*U[k, j]+2*A[1, 6]*U[i, j]*V[k, j]+A[5, 5]*W[i, j]*W[k, j]+A[6, 6]*V[i, j]*V[k, j]+2*B[1, 1]*Phi[i, j]*U[k, j]+2*B[1, 6]*V[i, j]*Phi[k, j]+2*B[1, 6]*Xi[i, j]*U[k, j]+2*B[6, 6]*Xi[i, j]*V[k, j]+Dd[1, 1]*Phi[i, j]*Phi[k, j]+2*Dd[1, 6]*Phi[i, j]*Xi[k, j]+Dd[6, 6]*Xi[i, j]*Xi[k, j]+(-R[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]^4+4*S[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]^3-6*T[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]^2+4*K[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]-Delta[1, 1, q])*GAMMA[i, j, q]*GAMMA[k, j, q]+(2*R[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]^3-6*S[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]^2+6*T[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]-2*K[1, 1, q])*Omega[i, j, q]*GAMMA[k, j, q]+(-2*R[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]^2+4*S[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]-2*T[1, 1, q])*Theta[i, j, q]*GAMMA[k, j, q]+(2*E[1, 5, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]^2-4*F[1, 5, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]+2*G[1, 5, q])*W[i, j]*GAMMA[k, j, q]+(-R[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]^2+2*S[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]-T[1, 1, q])*Omega[i, j, q]*Omega[k, j, q]+(2*R[1, 1, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]-2*S[1, 1, q])*Theta[i, j, q]*Omega[k, j, q]+(-2*E[1, 5, q]*`#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q]+2*F[1, 5, q])*W[i, j]*Omega[k, j, q]-R[1, 1, q]*Theta[i, j, q]*Theta[k, j, q]+2*E[1, 5, q]*W[i, j]*Theta[k, j, q]), i = 0 .. II), k = 0 .. II), m = 0 .. II), j = 0 .. JJ), q = 1 .. N):




t, how to find for example `#mover(mi("z"),mo("&uminus0;"))`[q] in it?

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