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These are questions asked by mehdibgh

Is it possible to export a big symbolic matrices or lists, from Maple mileu to Matlab in new versions of Maple?

If no, why Maple dont have such ability?

Simplest way to extract diagonal elements of a square symbolic matrix?

The diag command gives error

Error, (in linalg:-diag) parameters must be square matrices or scalars

I have a big 1000*1000 symbolic matrix (some of its diagonal entries are function of x variable), how to calclulate closed form inverse of a such matrices in Maple?


I have a big matrix 1000*1000, How Maple could declare the number (corresponding row and coulumn) of element that is maximum?

Suppose the element (113,987) of my matrix has the maximum value, which command returns (113,987)?


I have a symmetric big matrix (1000*1000). Some of its rows and columns are zero. Is there any command in Maple that recognize these rows and columns and then remove them to form new matrix?

What do you recommend?

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