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I have two surfaces f=f(x,y) and g=g(x,y), is there any way to find the equation of intersection curve of them in maple?

I have a big matrix which is computed in a worksheet, now I have to use this matrix in another worksheet. Could you recommend some ways of healthy transferring of quantities between worksheets?



K__vxa[1] := 2.0154553049*10^17



`#mrow(mi("\`K__vxa\`"),mfenced(mn("1"),open = "[",close = "]"))`+K__vxa[1]

`#mrow(msub(mi("\`K"),mi("vxa\`")),mfenced(mn("1"),open = "[",close = "]"))`+0.2015455305e18




I need to calculate the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a big marix with enough Digits. When i apply the command Eigenvectors(K,M) for this purpose, it takes approximately 40 min to be calculated by maple. Where only 1/4 of cores of my CPU is used in this computation.

How is it possible to use all of my CPU cores to calculate the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a big matrix faster?

change the txt to m for the following files.



How to find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a problem that have some zero diagonal elements which dont have the usual form of the standard eigenvalue problem? I have tested some ways, but the results was not accurate enough.
If it is possible please provide me an example with relatively large matrices (e.g. M>50)
Note that M>N.
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