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Hi everyone.    How i can introduce an acximetric tolerance?. For example +10/-5. Thanks!

I'm trying project a plane onto a surface. Is there a direct command to do this?. There is a command to project a surface onto a plane but i need the oposite. Thanks!

I would like to publish a technical paper about a renewable energy with you. I use Maple 2016. What i need?. Thanks!

 I'm thinking upload a technical paper into maple cloud, and i would like to keep the intellectual property of this paper or have a mention from the reader if they use it. Is it possible?. Thanks!

First at all, congratulation for the new update Maple 2017!!.                                        I'm a personal developer about renewable energy hybrid systems models. It is possible get data about irradiance or wind speed from the new world maps?. It will be very interesting!!!                                                                                   Thanks!!!!

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