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How using Maple one can obtain commutator and adjoint table for given set of infinitesimal generators spanning Lie symmetries for PDE?

It seem absurd that in Maple 18, why int(f(t),t) do not work instead one have to write Int(f(t),t) for indefinite integration?


Dear Friends

My problem is related to exporting Maple code to Latex, to be more specific I want Latex output that look exactly same as it appears in Maple worksheet like like Red Maple prompt etc.

I have found another solution to this:

"In file menu go to “Export As”, then save file in Tex format. But in order to run this Tex file you need to have files like maple2e.sty, mapleenv.sty, maplestd2e.sty, mapletab.sty, mapleenv.def, mapleplots.sty, maplestyle.sty, mapleutil.sty(all part of package maplestd2e), these all file can be copied from C:drive where maple is installed, just copy all these file to Latex folder and you can run Tex file exported from Maple."

But this do not give exactly what I want.

Please see Maple file and its exported Tex version(Not possible to upload) along with pdf output for Maple worksheet.


Dear Friends

I am trying to find determining system for variable coefficient KdV equation, this system is required to find relevant point symmetries for said equation. Following is set of command that I used to perform task:

This last cammand gives me determining system for PDE1.

Following is direct procedure to find determining system:

This last command give large expression from which determining system is obtained by equating coefficient to zero which does not matches with determining system obtained with first procedure.

What could be the possible error?

I have also attached relevant Maple18 file for analysis.


I have few packages downloaded from following link:

Following are packages that I need to install on Maple:

Rif: For differential elimination.

GeM: For computing symmetries and conservation laws for nonlinear PDEs.

wkptest: For symbolic computation of Painleve test for nonlinear PDEs.

My problem is to install these packages onto Maple, but I do not know how to do this. For example, the package Rif contains file like maple.hdb, maple.ind, maple.lib, but I do not know what to do with these files. I shall be grateful to auduience of Mapleprime if somebody can help me on this.

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