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These are questions asked by mstevens

Is it possible to use a vector in the piecewise fuction? I have tried the following and other stuff but the the error below

timestep := <seq(1 .. 100)>;
piecewise(`<`~(30, timestep), 1);
Error, (in PiecewiseTools:-Is) wrong kind of parameters in piecewise

I have a time vector and would like to create a u(t), unit step fuction to "turn on" a function at a certain time. e.g.


Where u(t)=1 for t>turn_on_time and 0 otherwise.

TIA for help

I have a function (Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman, HJB)

H:=(y,u,t)->y^(2)(t)+u^(2)(t)+1/(2)(x(t))^(4) +(&PartialD;)/(&PartialD; x)(V(t))*u(t)

When I try to do

diff(H(y, u,t), u(t))

I get an invalid derivative error. Even if I remove the partial derivative, I still get the error. Does anyone know of to fix this?


Is it possible to graph multiple Niquist plots using DynamicSystems:-NiquistPlot() ? All my attemps have failed. 


Is it possible to have the results of a MapleFlow container wrap to the next line as opposed to just extending off the page?


Anyone out there converted the  nyqlog at MATLAB/nyqlog.m at master · nielsSkov/MATLAB · GitHub  to Maple or Maple Flow? For Nyquist plots...

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