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These are questions asked by nhat179

I'm very confuse with this question:

- Find one root/zero of  2*x^5-5*x^4+3*x^3-3*x^2+x+2 using Newton's Method. If your polynomial is sadly lackaing in a root, subtract some constant value until the polynomial cuts the x-axis

- Produce four iterations of the Newton's Method. This will result in four successively accurateapproximations to one solution of p(x)=0

- For each iteration, report your beginning xn and the subsequent xn+1 value. For each run, also product a graph of p(x) and the graph of the newest Newton created tangent line

My function is: p(x) = 2*x^5-5*x^4+3*x^3-3*x^2+x+2. Question about this:

1. Find the 1st derivative of this function and plot it.

2. Find the 2nd derivative of this function and plot it.

3. Find the 3rd derivative of this function and plot it.

4. Find the 4th derivative of this function and plot it.

5. Plot p(x) and its derivative ont the same set of axes that clearly displays both graphs and all relative max and min. Use Paint menu to clearly label the functuon and it's derivative.

I'm a new user with Maple. Please give me a clue about this, i tried search over HELP but i cannot find anything. My first question is: how can i get just a real solutions when i solve for an equation ( this one got 2 complex solutions ). The 2nd is about the linear system, I got ROOTOF solution, i think it came from the complex solution. Please download my maple file to take a look. Thank you.

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