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Hello everyone!

I want to plot few curves. I need plot legends with slected curves only. When I try to do so, I get an error saying the number of legends are less that the curves( not exact words obviously).

I am using this sample code please help me to achieve the goal.

plot([cos(x)^2, 1-(1/2)*x, x^2], x = -Pi .. Pi, legend = [typeset("Curve: ", cos(x)^2), typeset("Curve: ", 1-(1/2)*x)])

The maple file is attached here

Dear ones.hello!
  I want to export a plot to a specified path but i dont want do enter it in plotsetup command.
For example:


exports the bmp file to a location already provided (bold one).
Is there a way to initiate save/browse windows instead of writing the adress of the location inside the plotsetup ?
I know how to do it in mathematica and i want a similar thing in maple

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