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kindly help me to find the inverse Laplace of this function. I tried but maple leaves the integral unevaluated.



expr := exp(a-sqrt(a^2+b*s))/s



`assuming`([invlaplace(expr, s, t)], [b > 0])

(1/2)*(b/Pi)^(1/2)*(int(exp(-a^2*_U1/b+a-(1/4)*b/_U1)/_U1^(3/2), _U1 = 0 .. t))





Dear Fellows, greetings

I am solving a system of equations under some assumptions and those assupmtions are a must to impose. However maple fails to apply those while solving the equations. For example solution 4 gives b=c as a solution but in assumtion it is clrealy mentioned that b<>c. Kindly guide me what mistake am I making in the code.


I am unable to evaluate an improper integral involving rational, exponential and Bessel functions. Can Maple do it? if not is there a way around.


I am trying to solve a system of equations involving several symbols. The answer I am getting involves rootof...
I have tried to fix it, and read several post on MP, but in vain. Please help me to get a solution which does not involve root of solutions. Coz the paper I am follwing has a very elegant solution to these equations which i am failed to obtain via

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .



Hello everyone, Greetings!

I am facing a really strange problem. I need to write an expression, however, maple out of nowhere assigns values to the variable used. only to those which are written inside sin (). In previous versions the out put is fine. Is there a new way to write expressions in maple 2019? I am not sure.



96*sin(2*beta*y)*cos(2*beta*y)*beta^4 + 96*sin(2*beta*y)*beta^4







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