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Hello everyone, Greetings!

I am facing a really strange problem. I need to write an expression, however, maple out of nowhere assigns values to the variable used. only to those which are written inside sin (). In previous versions the out put is fine. Is there a new way to write expressions in maple 2019? I am not sure.



96*sin(2*beta*y)*cos(2*beta*y)*beta^4 + 96*sin(2*beta*y)*beta^4







Hello there!
I was wondering if there is a way we can skip one or more variables from LSSolve to be optimized on a specific value?

For exmaple, please see the following file


restart; with(Optimization)

[ImportMPS, Interactive, LPSolve, LSSolve, Maximize, Minimize, NLPSolve, QPSolve]


LSSolve([x-1, y-1, z-1], {-10 <= x, x <= 0, 6*x+3*y <= 1}, initialpoint = {x = -1, y = 1})

[.711111111111111138, [x = HFloat(-0.06666666666666665), y = HFloat(0.46666666666666656), z = HFloat(1.0)]]







Can I skip the value of x and just find a global minimum of the objective functions over the given range of x, not just the specific value?  Its because I need to keep x as a variable.


Hello all!
Can some one please help me in translating this code, for newton forward and backward interpolation, and get the same output in maple. I am not very good at matlab so that is why I am having problems converting it to maple code.

only forward or backward would be enough I am sure I will figure out the second myself.

Hello Everybody!
Please help me to find a way to write the Taylor's series of some function in factiorial or Gamma notation.
Please see the attached file and suggest me something.

Hello there!

I am facing a strange problem. I am defining a function as a finite series which involves the constants c[k] and the variable x. when I try to calculate the value of the function at zero it should give me c[1] but its giving me 0. it seems a bug in maple. i have tried it on two different versions.i.e. 2016 and 17

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


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