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Assume I have an eqn:=diff(x(t),t)+diff(y(t),t,t)+x(t)=0(It is just an example) for example, how can I find in which order variables are apearing here in this eqns?

for example I can give this eqn and result for x would be 1 and for y would be 2.

What is Maple command for that?

Thanks in advance,





I have a problem which works properly outside the proc but when it is inside the proc I see an error which says: illegal use of a formal parameter.

What should I do?

Here is that procedure:


I am wrting my thesis which is on some MapleSim models. In Ref I introduce MapleSim, I wanna know if MapleSim has Document Object Identifier (DOI) number or name that I can refer to.

Thanks so much,



I have a ode system which I use dsolve/numeric for it?

By default dsolve use rkf45 but the result is not very exact. The error is high.

How can I make dsolve more accurate?

Which method I have to use?

It is initial value problem that I use dsolve/numeric for it.

Thanks so much.


Hello all,

I have an ODE system called RedSys which is below and incons1 which is its initial condition.

When I want to solve this system by dsolve numeric with this command:

dsolve((convert(RedSys, set)union incons1), numeric, implicit = true);

I face an error which says :

system should be linear in leading derivative. However when check I do not see any non linearity.

could you please let me know what should I do to solve this system by dsolve/numeric?

Thanks so much,


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