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In a worksheet:

A := diff(x^2*sin(x), x);
                     2 x sin(x) + x  cos(x)
Error, (in Student:-Calculus1:-ShowSolution) input expression does not have any incomplete calculus operations

In a document:

A := diff(x^2*sin(x), x);
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
                     2 x sin(x) + x  cos(x)
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
                          /              2       \
              ShowSolution\2 x sin(x) + x  cos(x)/

What version of Maple are you using?


Thanks for the replies. :)


If someone could please show me how to successfully complete the examples in the link above, I would appreciate it.

Why is my experience in Maple different from the examples?

Ok, now Maple derives an expression, and then assigns a problem number(1) to the solution. And then Showsolution tries to solve the solution(1), which of course is no longer a problem(it is the solution). So how do I make Maple NOT derive the expression, so that ShowSolution can derive it instead?

Also, why is pasting from Maple into posts on this site(mapleprimes) sometimes display in 2-d and sometimes in 1-d, like below??



diff(x^2*sin(x), x);
print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder
                     2 x sin(x) + x  cos(x)

Error, (in Student:-Calculus1:-ShowSolution) 1 is not a valid problem number


But when I try to do the examples in the above link, Maplen spits outn then error message:

"Error, (in Student:-Calculus1:-ShowSolution) 1 is not a valid problem number"



The Maple Portal is a great resource.

Thank you for your reply.

@Carl Love 

Thanks for your reply Carl.

By "newbie", I mean Maple newbie. Is there a specific section of this site for new Maple users? Then it would be easy for new users to browse and see the types of Maple problems experienced by other new users. That is a great way to learn Maple.

So far I've been browsing the Questions section, but they are full of questions from people who know how to use Maple at a more advanced level.

If there are any Maple employees reading this, please comsider creating a section for new Maple users to hang out. Any problem encountered by one new user is bound to be experienced sooner or later by other new users, So many new users can learn from Maple newbie questions and answers(that aren't buried between mostly advanced Maple questions and answers).

Thanks! :)



@Alejandro Jakubi 

That Wolfram plot is what I was expecting to see for the range x=-2..2. 

As a brand new user of Maple 18, the default plot was confusing for me, and it was not obvious to me that I needed to manipulate the y range. 

Anyway, thanks for all the replies. I will be using Maple for the next 5 years at university, so I will be comfortable with it in good time. :)


Thanks for the comporerhensive answer. :)

I have decided to stick with Maple for my entire university life. 

Mathematica seems to be the undisputed champion in the below link, followed by Matlab. Maple hardly gets a mention.


Having owned Maple 18 for less than a day, I am wondering if I should be asking for a refund and going for Mathematica instead.

If Mathematica is what is predominantly used in industry(I am a new engineering student), then I'd have to learn it from scratch when I graduate. Better learn it now and use it for the 5 years I'll be at university.



@Carl Love 

Thanks for your reply.

I am just not understanding it. y=x^2 + 2 simply means a basic quadratic shifted up by 2, right? Meaning at x=0, y =2. 

What exactly is the y range? I just don't understand why a basic graph of y=x^2 + 2 doesn't look right. At x=0, y=2, so why is the plot not showing this?? So why do I need to manipulate the y-range to see this expression graphed properly?

Thank you.

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