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Iversen "Closing the paletts does not affect this random loading."

Are you saying that the lags still exist after the palettes are closed? If so, why do you think that the palettes are the reason for the lag?

I also get random lag on my Windows 8.1 sometimes when highlighting in the worksheet, but I don't know if the palettes are the cause. I think it has to do with interaction lag between the touchscreen and stylus.

Thanks for all the replies.

One last question: Is there a  way to have only a single zero displayed at  the origin?

Tthanks in advance.


Is there a way to show the origin ie.x=0 with listplot or pointplot? It would be good to have a frame of reference.


How would  I plot this tabble?  First coluumn is x-values, second is y-values.

Thanks a lot.

@Carl Love 

I can understand most of your reply, but what is "`..`" for?

EDIT: `..` means range. :)

@brian bovril 

There are people in this forum who, for some strange reason, prefer to give him the answer instead of letting him think for himself.

What questions do you have about Maple?

What do you mean by "I copied and pasted it from the tutorial on this"? What is "this"? Maple 18?

I've previously had problems running examples from the Maple documentation, even thought it was a straight copy and paste into Maple 18. The most likely reason is that the Maple documentation is old, and hence the examples were done in old versions of Maple and no longer work in newer versions.

@Preben Alsholm 

Thanks for the explanation, that makes things clearer.

For anyone interested in knowing more about elementwise operators, have a read here:


"An element-wise operation allows you to distribute the operation over the elements of a listsettableArrayMatrix, or Vector.  The syntax for this is to use a tilde (~) after the given operator or function name."

@Preben Alsholm 

Unfortunately for me, I am at the beginning. :D At this stage, I like to use 2-D math and clickable math, because typing out functions in 1-D math takes way longer for me(particularly when using a tablet with a stylus). Then I copy or edit Maple's ouputs(ie. functions or expressions) if I need to use them again.

Thanks for all the replies.


I say Calculus palette, and you assume that I mean Expression palette? I mean the Calculus palette. In the left pane, click on "Calculus", and a menu should open up with the buttons. First button on the top left hand corner is the limit button. I've got Maple installed on another machine, so I can't take a screenshot. 

"a+b" is, as you say, in the Expression palette. You want the Calculus palette, which is right below the Expression palette.

I am using Maple 18.


Thanks for your reply.

Just found this in the examples part of the plot options help page. Only one line.

plot(sqrt(x), x = 0 .. 1, color = "NavyBlue", thickness = 3, filled = [color = "Blue", transparency = .5])

plot(sqrt(x), x = 0 .. 1, color = "NavyBlue", thickness = 3, filled = [color = "Blue", transparency = .5])

Thanks Carl.

Just found the 'Solve>Numerically' option in the context menu.

Also, can just copy Maple's solution without the 'x=', paste it on a new line, and choose 'approximate' from the context menu.

EDIT: I replied before I saw you context menu instruction. However, I am not able to apply your instructions. Did you copy or highlight Maple's solutions before using the context menu?

@Preben Alsholm 

I've never used multiplication signs for 2-d maths. So use multiplaction sign for variable and brackets Lesson learned.

Thanks for the replies.

@Alejandro Jakubi 

How do developers at Microsoft, Google or Apple deal with this situation? There must be an industry standard in place for documenation, as well as for what happens when a developer leaves and another one comes on board. Simply letting developers make new packages willy nilly is absurd.

How about Maplesoft do an audit of the entire codebase for Maple and start trimming the fat?

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