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"Maple seems to have good things in it, but at the same time, it strikes me as a large bag with lots of tools and commands thrown in with little sense of coherence. "

I think the same can be said for Maple Help.

Just search for something in help ie. factorizing or completing the square, and a massive list of topics appears. Are they all related to the topic? Who has the time to go through them all? As a new user, I sometimes finding it overwhelming trying to use Maple Help to find even basic commands.

I find asking on Mapleprimes to be more efficient most of the time.



@Markiyan Hirnyk 

As a Maple newbie, I don't understand that other thread.

The function from the above table is actually y = 0.15x^2+1. I got this from graphing y vs x^2 and finding the gradient and y intercept of the line of best fit, which passees  through or near most of the points. 

Is Maple capable of spitting out this answer? Or does it need more data points? Rather than type in osbcure code, can I just click to add the table, then right click on the table for Maple to spit out the function?


Is there any way to check every reply that we have made?


I think Maplesoft would be doing itself a favour if it allows 30 day trials of it's software. For those who can't decide between Matlab, Mathematica or Maple, getting Maple installed onto their machine as a trial results in early exposure and evaluation, which may lead to the student buying Maple as a continuation.

@Thomas Richard 

Thanks for the info.

I am now able to open the MSK from a shortcut, and as well as by opening the TableOfContents.mwz from within Maple, by browsingn for it. Is there a way of making the TableOfContents.mwz a bookmark in Maple, or adding TableOfContents.mwz as a link in the Maple Start page(Start.mw)?

Basically, if I open Maple, the Start page(Start.mw) is displayed, which I find quite useful. If I want to use MSK, then I have to browse for TableOfContents.mwz on the computer, which opens it in a new tab. If I open the MSK from a shortcut, TableOfContents.mwz is opened, but I don't get the Start page, and I have to browse for it. 

Right now, I have to browse the computer from witin Maple for Start.mw or TableOfContents.mwz whenever I want to use either. It would be convenient if Maple started with the default Start page(which I use), and then I can click on a bookmark or link on the Start page to start MSK if I wanted to use it. 

Basically, my question is, how can I add a link to TableOfContents.mwz in the Start page(Start.wm), or bookmark TableOfContents.mwz for quick and easy access from within Maple.

Thank you.

EDIT: I found the instruction to add a shortcut component to a worksheet(in this case, the default Maple Start page). The example half way down the link below was enough - just set the target of the shortcut to be the location of TableOfContents.mwz(including the full filename). So now I just click on an icon in the Start page to start the MSK whenever I like. All sorted. :)




After installation, there is no desktop icon, and there is nothing to click in the start menu to launch it. I have to click on the executable in the Maple folder on the hard drive. It then launches Maple 18 first, and opens up some tabs related to the Survival Kit.

How can I open this up from within Maple, without having to search for the executable first on the hard drive?

I think that this is the exact problem that the OP had.


EDIT: Here is the solution.



I thought that tools -> check for updates was how to update Maple. I did not realise that the updates had to be downloaded.

Under what what circumstance can tools -> check for updates be used to update Maple?

Thank you.

If I am not mistaken, Maple 18 was released in March 2014? I just clicked on "tools" -> "check for updates" and got the message "no updates are available".


Thank you.

I've learnt heaps from this thread. Thanks all! :)

@Alejandro Jakubi 

Is there a way of converting the solutions to degrees? I choose the context menu, but it only converts "to list" or "to set", neither of which gives the desired result. So I have to use my calculator.

Also, how to plot 2*sin(2 x)=1 for the interval 0<=x<=360?

Here's my attempt.

plot({x >= 0, 2*sin(2*x) = 1, x <= 2*Pi});
Error, (in plot) incorrect specification of a parametric plot

plot(2*sin(2*x) = 1);
Error, invalid input: plot expects its 1st argument, p, to be of type {array, list, rtable, set, algebraic, procedure, And(`module`, appliable)}, but received 2*sin(2*x) = 1

Thank you.

@Alejandro Jakubi 

Are you saying that Maple 18 is not able to solve 2*sin(2 x)=1 for the interval 0<=x<=360? Or is the regression bug only for that particular command string, and Maple 18 can solve it using a different set of commands?

I would like a workaround for this problem, if possivble, because I need to be able to solve these types of equations.

Thank you.

EDIT: I have reported the regression bug. Any ideas on how long the bug fixes take?


I can't seem to get the same result:

solve({x >= 0, 2*sin(2*((1/180)*x*Pi)) = 1, x <= 360}, AllSolutions, Explicit);
Warning, solutions may have been lost
{x = 15 + 60 _B1 + 180 _Z1, x = 15 + 60 _B2 + 180 _Z2}

Also, what would be the command to plot if the x values were not known in advance? I would like the minimum command to plot - fancy colours and line thickness are nice - but the extra commands confuse me and I'd rather learn the core commands. I am impressed by your Maple skills though!

Thanks for your help.

The Maple site descibes "The mathematical Survival Kit" as an interactive ebook. So I think you would need an ebook reader? Or perhaps you can access it within Maple, since "The mathematical Survival Kit" requires Maple to be installed? It is described as "buit on Maple".

@Thomas Richard The example works fine with Diff. Student[Basics] seems to be a great resource. I am happy now. Thanks all. :)


I suspect that the examples in the link above were not done in Maple 18. I ended up using the differentiation tutor. Thanks for all the replies.


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