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I all, I have a system of three ODEs. I want to give an upper boundary condition for one of my state variables, B. Can I do this on dsolve? I am pretty new to maple, but it seems like all I can do is set a range for the independent variable (time, t in this case). Any ideas? dsolve([Eq1,Eq2,Eq3,B(0)=100,W(0)=1200,N(0)=500],B(t),W(t),N(t),numeric) can I write something like dsolve([Eq1,Eq2,Eq3,B(0)=100,W(0)=1200,N(0)=500],B(t),W(t),N(t),B=0..400,numeric) Thanks for your input! Regards, Oun
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