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Thanks a lot! Now it works! ;) I'm trying to write that proc with buttons and so now...I hope I can ask you again for help if necessary ... ;) Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!
I've found out why the programm isn't saving's because of that...I've got that output as I change the colon at the last 'end do' in a semicolon. "2006/01/02" [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000] 3 "2006/01/04" [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000] 4 "2006/01/06" [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000] 5 "2006/01/08" [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000] 6 "2006/01/15" [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000] 7 "2006/01/23" [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000] 9 "2006/01/27" [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000] 10 "2006/02/02" [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000] 11 So what do I have to do now??? Ohh, I just saw that I now get the gifs but only with the semicolon...if I change it back to the colon to hide the output again I got nothing. How comes? And how do I hide that output AND get my gifs?
I tried currentdir()... I'm in the same directory as before...the same as I just displayed one map for a year with all points...and that worked. So I'm...AGAIN...clueless! :(
Thanks! I get no Error-Messages now and Maple is evaluating something, but I get no external files. Why could that be?
Hi again! I know that my loop isn't correct. That's why I'm asking for help. I'm not good at this...I know...thats why I'm learn and understand what I'm doing wrong. I need the loop to do the following lines automatically. WorldMap1:=display(WorldMap_Complete, circle([E[1,2]*deg,E[1,3]*deg], 0.05, color=red, thickness=1)); WorldMap2:=display(WorldMap1, circle([E[2,2]*deg,E[2,3]*deg], 0.05, color=red, thickness=1)); WorldMap3:=display(WorldMap2, circle([E[3,2]*deg,E[3,3]*deg], 0.05, color=red, thickness=1)); . . . And it would be even better, if I've got one extern gif for one date, because the data I've got has the following form: "2006/01/02",-21.5750,-60.9340 "2006/01/02",-178.1780,-19.9260 "2006/01/04",-112.1170,28.1640 "2006/01/06",-82.3370,6.6350 "2006/01/08",23.2120,36.3110 "2006/01/15",122.5970,-7.8260 "2006/01/23",167.7080,-17.4230 "2006/01/23",-77.7930,6.8640 "2006/01/27",128.1310,-5.4730 "2006/02/02",-178.3900,-17.7470 And as you can see some dates appear twice or more times. I need the extern gif's for doing a morph with them. For that they have to be 'nested'. So how would you write the procedure?
What am I doing wrong here: with(plottools): with(plots): n:= rtable_dims(E)[1]: dates := {seq(E[i,1],i=n)}: for date in dates do plotsetup(gif, plotoutput=cat("WorldMap_Test2A_",StringTools[SubstituteAll](date,"/","-"),".gif"), plotoptions="height=300,width=600"); if i=1 then WM[1]:=display(WorldMap_Complete, seq(circle([E[1,2]*deg,E[1,3]*deg], 0.05, color=red, thickness=1), i = select(j -> (E[j,1]=date),[$n])),scaling=constrained): display(WM[1]); else WM[i]:=display(WM[i-1], seq(circle([E[i,2]*deg,E[i,3]*deg], 0.05, color=red, thickness=1), i = select(j -> (E[j,1]=date),[$n])),scaling=constrained): display(WM[i]); end if; end do; plotsetup(default); I got this Error-Message: Error, (in plots:-display) expecting plot structure but received: WM[i-1]
Hi! It's me again... First thanks for all your help...and I finally found out what I was doing wrong at the matrix-problem.It works now. But now I have another problem with a sequence. I want to plot a worldmap for almost every single day of a year with given points on it. The results should be saved in extern .gif-files, so I can make a morph out of them. But Maple isn't able to do that if I write a sequence in which the worldmap has to be regenerated for every date over and over again. It just hangs itself.I don't know how to reduce the processing time respectively how to make the programm more efficient. So I thought I try to rewrite the sequence, so that for the first gif-file Maple has to regenerate the map and the first point and for the following gifs just use the previous one and add the new points on it.I hope that will save some time. But I'm not sure how to do that. This is what I have so far, I hope someone of you can tell me what I'm doing wrong: with(plottools): with(plots): n:= rtable_dims(E)[1]: WM1=display(WorldMap_Complete,circle([E[1,2]*deg,E[1,3]*deg], 0.05, color=red, thickness=1)): dates := {seq(E[i,1],i=n)}: for date in dates do plotsetup(gif, plotoutput=cat("WM_",StringTools[SubstituteAll](date,"/","-"),".gif"), plotoptions="height=300,width=600"); WM[i+1]:=display(WM[i], seq(circle([E[i+1,2]*deg,E[i+1,3]*deg], 0.05, color=red, thickness=1),scaling=constrained)): display(WM[i]); end do; plotsetup(default); I would also like to have a version with Buttons and Boxes et cetera. So you can choose a special date to be displayed (therefore the worldmap has to be regenerated plus the given points) and optionally "from 'date' to 'date'" boxes (with the sequence I needed revised today). Oh, and I have another question...for the globe-sequence it possible to save them extern as animations? And is Maple able to morph such simple gif-files or even animations? So many questions...I know...but I want to learn more about Maple and how to use it. Thanks for everything patience
n := 1 .. 285
'A' is a 285x4 matrix and n should be also 285. I thought the line 'n:= rtable_dims(A)[1];' should do the trick?!
Hello and thanks again! I tried both procedures but they didn't work. First I changed 'ArrayDims' in 'rtable_dims' because of 'ImportMatrix'. Now I've got the Message 'Error, Matrix index out of range'. I created a test-file with only 10 rows to see if that would work because my originaly file has 285 of it. With no success! What does Maple want from me?
Thanks again! I need to display a globe for every single date which is given in the file. For example if the date 2007/09/13 appears 3 times the programm should just display one globe but with 3 points on it and so on. And if possible each globe should be displayed and saved in an external file.
Thanks for the help! ;) Would you explain me the equations p and C, please. What kind of equations are they, how are they called, what they are for and so on! That would be nice! Oh, and I have another question. I now want to display some more points on the globe. Therefore I have an external csv-file with more then 200 lines, all of them with 3 values: date, longitude and latitude, which are seperated by a blank. I need a procedure for that but I don't know how to do it. The procedure should just display the globe in an external file for every single given date with the corresponding longitudes and latitudes. I've already used the command 'ImportMatrix' so that Maple is able to work with the data. But what now? I hope you can help me with this too!
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