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Oh...I forgot to tell...I'm working with Maple 11 right now!
Thank you! The link helped me a lot!
I have the same problem. I already knew the link below, but the worksheets are generated in maple 5. How do I get them to work in Maple 11 which I use now? I have to create a 2D world map and a 3D world globe. Then I have to import a great amount of data in the file, which should be displayed on both maps as specific coordinates. Therefore I have to use some of the given data(longitude and latitude values). I have already created a rotating sphere with equator, but I don't know how to get a jpg-world map on that thing, so I can go on with my programming to plot coords on the globe. I hope that Maple 11 can handle positive and negative longitude and latitude values or do I have to convert them before? Can anyone help me please?!
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