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Hello! I made a maplet with the MapletBuilder for displaying a worldmap or - if requested - a globe with locations of earthquakes in a selected period of time. Before that I programmed a maple worksheet to this subject. The maplet is build like this: First there is a Plotter-Window followed by two Radiobuttons for choosing between two different graphic renditions (2D and 3D). For choosing a period of time I used DropDownBoxes. The starting date and finish date consist of 3 Boxes each to choose month, day and year separately. To confirm the dates and to plot the relevant map there's a ClickButton.
Hi! I'm searching for a useful guide of the MapletBuilder (for Maple 11). I know how to create Boxes 'n' Stuff. Now I want to assign commands to the buttons,which should be executed by pushing them but I don't know how to do that. By that I mean where to put them and what kind of commands exist or do I have to use. I need a guide with some examples. It would be great if anyone could help me. Thanks paience
Hello! I'm working on a globe right now with worldmap, equator,0°- and 90° meridian on it. Now I want to display a point on it in the form of a circle. The point is given in longitude and latitude values, for example lon: -21.5750 and lat: -60.9340. How do I do that? If it helps, here the equation of the globe: Globe:= (lon,lat) ->(cos(lon)*cos(lat), sin(lon)*cos(lat), sin(lat)); Can someone help me please?
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