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The following system of equations can be solved by Maple 9.5 and Maple 10, but either takes a long time in Maple 11 or else simply won't solve. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the solve command? Earlier I noticed that Maple 11 was returning duplicates in solutions, but this is more serious. We tried this system on Maple 9.5 and Maple 10, and it solves easily, but on two computers with Maple 11, in classic worksheet mode, minutes went by with no solution. {2*a[2,6]*a[2,9]-2*a[2,8]*a[2,9], 2*a[1,5]*a[3,1]+2*a[1,7]*a[3,1], 2*a[2,6]*a[3,4]-2*a[2,8]*a[3,4], 2*a[1,5]*a[2,1]+2*a[1,7]*
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