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Hello all,

I'm sorry that I'm just not very good at working with Maple's optimization tools, but I appreciate your willingness to work with me. So, this is all related to the same problem I had been working with a few months ago. I used the "operator form" of NLPSolve to minimize the squared residuals of a temperature distribution with an external dataset by changing a few...

Hello all,

In reference to Acer's workaround for the operator form of the optimization package, I'm having difficulty applying the method to an optimization problem with 7 variables. I'm hoping you can help me see what I'm doing wrong. This is what I've got coded, where EIG is a fairly long, complex procedure that outputs a float value:

> objf := proc (V::Vector)

Hello all,

I'm working through an optimization problem, and I'm running into a problem adding constraints on the variables I am trying to optimize. I'll attempt to ask the question in a general sense, but if it's not clear, I'll be more specific.

I have a procedure called EIG that calculates the sum of the squared residuals of a model compared to experimental data by inputting 6 variables. I'm trying to minimize this function by using the Optimization...

Hello all,

I'm running into a bit of a problem finding an efficient way of forming the expansion coefficient for an eigenfunction expansion. The way I currently have it coded works, and it doesn't take terribly long (about 30 seconds or so). However, I have to run a lot of different evaluations, so all that time begins to add up. In addition, the memory usage balloons until I am pretty much frozen and unable to complete the calculations.

So, here's the block of code that's causing me problems:

for p to P do

for q to Q do

Hello all,

I'm relatively new to Maple, and I have already found this forum to be helpful. I hope I might be able to get some additional help with the latest problem that I've been working on.

Big picture:

I'm trying to extract two parameter values of a heat transfer problem from a dataset using a reduced order model.

How I've been trying to do it:

The dataset is a vector called "Nodes"

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