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I agree that these are excellent suggestions, particularly 1 and 5 (although I think (1) might run into problems with the Rerouting feature). However, I believe that there are already solutions to (2) and (6) (and possibly (4) and (7), at least in part):

For (2), if you open the Attachments tab in the left-hand panel, you will see a section for Parameter Sets; right-clicking that will give you the option to store/save the current parameter values.  As soon as you store/save a set, you start to get access to the context menu's Compare options.  This may help with (4) and (7) too.

For (6), if you open the subsystem in question, you can select the port(s) that you want to move by either a box-select (i.e. click-and-drag) or disabling ports using the Enable/Disable Ports button in the top right (formerly labelled Snap to Connector) and clicking them directly.  Once selected, the ports can be moved, either by click-and-drag or using the arrow keys.  You may want to disable Snap to Gridlines (also in the top right) for more precise adjustments with the arrow keys.

If you're not concerned about the method, Maple's explicit option for solve() can be used:

solve({(x-11)^2+(y-5)^2 = 75, (x-7)^2+(y-2)^2 = 100}, {x, y}, explicit);

@tsunamiBTP the two expressions in (1) use evaluated forms, and the two expressions in (2) use the inert form (once again, note the greyed-out notation in (2) ), so the comparison of those is similar to that of (3) and (4).  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, (3) and (4) are part of (1) and (2), just without the use of a specific value for n or m.

@juju1234 our Mac doesn't have any issues making the changes before saving the file, so you may just need to restart your computer or upgrade to 2017.3

@juju1234 when you change the 27 to 2, do you re-execute the line?  The change seems to work fine for me on Maple 2017.3.

@Vortex did you happen to notice whether or not the speed of the AMD CPUs satisfied the system requirements?

This worksheet only took a couple of seconds to execute.  Do you maybe have other programs running in the background?  Maybe check your Task Manager for hidden processes.

Sorry, I never saw this post before (nor did I notice that you were using Maple 13).  Which point release of Maple 13 are you using? 

Comparing the sheet with the expected output to the one without, it looks like you actually changed `@@\``(D,2)(f)(3) = 0, to `@@\``(D,2)(f)(3) = 1. My version of Maple 13 does not execute either one, though. Did you make any other changes to the worksheet after it was successully executed?

If the full path names didn't help, can you confirm which version of Maple you are using?  Also, are you running Maple as an administrator?
If the full file names did help, please convert the reply to an answer.

Does this happen with all of your worksheets, or just one file?  If it's just one file, please post it.  If it's all files, please post the output of one of them. Maybe include screen shots of your Display and Interface settings from "Tools" > "Options", too.

Can you still get the eigenvalues for other matrices?  If so, the values within your 8x8 matrix might be too extreme - can you post it so I can check on my computer?  Also, which version of Maple are you using?

The contents of your post are a bit disorganized to put into Maple; hard to tell whether or not certain input is missing.  Please post your worksheet.

Since your functions have multiple variables, and the equations include their partial derivatives, these would be considered PDEs rather than ODEs.  Where are you getting the equations from?  There appears to be missing information.

@Lilian my apologies, there was one last button I had to click on to add the file

If you are not familiar with using the directories that @tomleslie referred to (which can interfere with your installation of Maple if modified incorrectly), you can also install an add-on package to a specified user library folder:

If you have previously added a custom user library path to 'libname', please copy the library file “%PackageName%.mla” to that folder. If you have not, you may add that user library folder by doing the following:

  1. Copy “%PackageName%.mla”  to a user library folder. If you do not have a user library folder, simply create a folder for your Maple library files. This folder may be located anywhere on your computer, though a suggested path is to create a new folder called MapleLib in your "home directory" and place the files there. To find your home directory in Maple, use kernelopts( homedir ) ; For more information, see the kernopts help page.
  2. Open your Maple initialization file. See the initialization file help page for details on how to create and configure these initialization files.
  3. Add the line: libname := libname, "PathToUserLibraryFolder” : For example, to add the path to your "MapleLib" folder under your home directory use libname := libname, cat( kernelopts( homedir ), kernelopts( dirsep ), "MapleLib" ) :
  4. Save your Maple initialization file and restart Maple.
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