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These are questions asked by qilianshan

I want to convert the following expression to form of ‘a+bi’,unfortunately,it can't be successful,Can anyone help me?


2*omega^2*B[1]*Zeta*omega[0] - omega^3*B[1]*I + omega*B[1]*omega[0]^2*I - 2*I*B[0]*Zeta*omega*omega[0] - B[0]*omega^2 + B[0]*omega[0]^2

Hi, I want to transform the formula as following,how can I do?

PS: code 

(2*I*Zeta*omega*omega[0] - omega^2 + omega[0]^2)*fourier(omega[r](t), t, omega) = (omega*B[1]*I + B[0])*fourier(delta(t), t, omega)


Hi, How can I  to assign a sequence number once. For example,

I want to ‘a0,a1,......an is assigned to variables x0 , x1,......, xn,’

I used command line as following :

seq(x[i], i = 1 .. 5) := [1, 2, 3, 4, 5],error as follows,‘Error, invalid left hand side in assignment’
Any  suggestion?


I have plotted a 3d figure with MAPLE. How can I snap a point in 3d figure and  show  the coordinate value of snaped point ?It  can be  carried out  easily in MATLAB,but I  cann‘t  snap the point used  point probe tool in MAPLE ?

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