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when I  have transformed symbol expression  from matlab 2017b to  maple 2018 , maple took a mistake that  "maple kernel connection not available", What  is the  reason?Can anyone help me?Thank you!

I have a question as this:

Examples as following:(come from MAPLE‘s help ) 
Ax := <1.00004, 1.99987, -0.12e-3>;
b := <1., 2., 0.>;
Add(Ax, b, 1, -1);

result is this:[0.400000000000400e-4, -0.129999999999963e-3, -0.120000000000000e-3]'

I think result is :[0.400000000000400e-4, -0.13e-3, -0.120000000000000e-3]' 

Is this a bug of MAPLE?


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