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These are questions asked by raziabdul

Several years ago, I used to plot, in Maple 7 I think, 3D scalar functions by using procedures to create a 3D mesh and populate the data points before I could use plot3d.

I wonder if there is a more convenient (least coding) way to do it today? Consider for example f(x,y,z) = x^2 + y^2+z^2

A way to visualize a number of concentric isosurfaces of f is to loop with (is there a tag to write this in code block?): 


for i to 10 do iso[i] := implicitplot3d( f = i, x = -10 .. 10, y = -10 .. 10, z = -10 .. 10) end do

display(seq(iso[j], j = 1 .. 10))


Of course, visualizing the output is another issue.  I wish for an app to explore 3D data like Paraview. It does not have to be as sophisticated, but to display standard elements like isosurfaces and arbitrary cutting plane views would suffice.

If you know a package/app/procedure in Maple of this nature, please share it here. Thank you


When creating questions with Question Designer, how can I include notes that are visible to instructors only? I don't want students to see certain info. Is it in the "information fields"?   

I'm trying to analytically solve for a Laplace's equation in a unit square with the following BCs: u(x,0) = 0, u(y,0) = 0, u(1,y) = 0, u(x,1) = 1

The series solution to this problem is well-known, where u(x,y) is solved with separation of variables to obtain u in terms of sin and sinh series.

I try to recreate the solution with pdsolve but am stuck with it.

My attempt:


lap2d := diff(u(x,y), x, x) + diff(u(x,y), y, y) = 0

sol := pdsolve(lap2d, HINT = X(x)*Y(y), build)  % saw this in mapleprimes

With this I managed to get an expression for u(x,y). My trouble is with the coefficients: _C1, _C2, _C3, _C4, _c_1

_C1 .. _C4 are clearly from integrations, but I am not clear about _c_1?

To solve for the constants of integrations, I tried to set up simultaneuous equations with the BCs.

For example,

eq1 := eval( rhs(sol), x=0) = 0

Similarly, repeat for the other 3 BCs to get eq2, eq3, eq4

I tried to solve these simultaneous eqns with:

solve({eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4}, {_C1, _C2, _C3, _C4})

but Maple does not output anyting.

Need your advice if this is the right way and I just goofed up with the syntax, or there are better ways to construct the series solution of the problem. Should I use linearsolve to find the C's?

I use Maple 17.


Thanks in advance



I came to know that Chrome no longer supports MathML. Will this be an issue with Maple T.A.9/9.5? Should I require my students to switch to Firefox instread? 


My first post here.

I want to create my own questions on Maple T.A.  and it seems to me the User Guide is my only reference. Are there quick tutorials out there that I can refer to? Webinars would be helpful too.  I want to eventually create questions with partial credits.

Thanks in advance.

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