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I have this equation:

> Eq := cT*a*b*sT+cT*c+sT*d+cT*sT;

I want to substitute cT*sT by s2T. But when I try to use subs it doesn't work because (I think) in the first term it's cT*a*b*sT and not a*b*cT*sT. I can't use collect as well because not all terms have the both variables.

This is a simple example, but my equation have like 40 lines and I really want to do in a automate way, so I don't have to do this manually everytime I change the values.

Thanks in advance,


I'm trying to extract some coefficients from a symbolic determinant but it's not working. I tried every option presented on Maple help but couldn't get it to work:

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