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how do you remove the right palette dock only
in document mode I like to add a descriptive text after the inline output to label what answer is. You cant just switch to text mode and start typing, it does not work. The only way I have been able to do this is to use the next float or next prime command then backspace twice to erase that output and then I can switch to text mode and append text. Is there a easier way to do this?
I am in document mode where I have plots that I generated using the right click on the expression. Then I edit the range and style and drag in two other expressions that plot. everything looks wonderfull until I save and reload the document. and all the edits and dragged in plots are gone. When I try to use plotbuilder to get around this when I reload the document the plotbuilder screens come up when the document executes waiting for all the plot info to be input again. I Think that if I use a worksheet plot command directly with all the parameters and expressions included that it would do what I want. But I would think that when you hit save in document mode it should save what you see.
for engineering purposes the ability to input a multi-variable equation in one form and then apply the known variables and solve for the numeric unknown is very handy. such as an equation of horesepower,torque and rpm. is there an easy way to do this in maple 10?
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