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Hi everybody,

I'm facing that strange and blocking situation:

I was in a Maple 2018 worksheet "W"   (Windows 7, worksheet mode, not document mode) when, probably from some spurious keys combination, the small vertical bar that materializes the position of the mouse disappeared, rendering any further writting impossible.
In the same Maple session I had a few other worksheets  where the this same bar was still present: so it was not a Windows problem (this bar appeared in Word documents too).

I quitted Maple and ran it again. The result is still the same: among all the worksheet I load, only the worksheet  "W"  does not exhibit the location of the mouse.
This problem still persists after rebooting my working station.

Does anyone have any idea to fix this ?

Thanks in advance

Hi everybody,


Written in Maple 2015
t := table([1=table([a=123]) ]):
save t, MyFile:
read MyFile:
t[1][a] := 321;

The answer is  t[1][a] =321 (here a double underscore)

Now I read MyFile from Maple 2018
read MyFile:
t[1][a] := 321;

The result is   (t[1])[a] = 321   (still a double undercsore but the first level is enclosed between parentheses).

For a more hierarchical table, all the entries but the deeper one are between parentheses.

Does this difference in representations mean something about the inner representation of a table ?

Thank you all

Hi everybody,

Maybe it's more a warning than a true question ?

I have written a rather heavy-duty code in Maple 2015. A few years ago I faced strong problems of increases in memory. After some investigations I found there came from a procedure P in which a loop realizes a few tenth of calls to  fsolve.
This same procedure  P was itself called a large number of times.

To try to  fix them I inserted a forget(fsolve, initialize=true) command after the fsolve command.
At the end this didn't prove to be very efficient and I decided to rewrite some part of the code in a more efficient way. Basically the  procedure  P is now called only a few times but its inner loop is executed about 200 hundred times.
This new version of the code no longer presents memory size problems, while being more efficient from a computational time point of view.

Today procedure  P still contains the forget(fsolve, initialize=true) command (I had forgotten to remove it)

Now I keep developping this same code under Maple 2018.
The Maple 2015 and Maple 2018 versions both return the same results, but the procedure  P runs in about 20 times the time it runs in Maple 2015 (40 seconds instead of 2)
This comes from the 200 forget(fsolve, initialize=true) calls which consumme about  38 seconds.

With Maple 2015 these same 200 calls to forget(fsolve, initialize=true) only consumme 0.5 second:

As a cure I remove the forget(fsolve, initialize=true) command, plain and simple.

But maybe this misadventure could reveal an unseen behaviour of Maple 2018 ?



Here is a set of simple instructions to illustrate the first problem :

fichier := TheNameOfSomeFile:

When executed from Maple 2015 or Maple 2016, the content of TheNameOfSomeFile is


When executed from Maple 2018 it becomes

> printf("Hello\n"):
> writeto(terminal):


Using interface(echo=0) changes nothing to the result obtained with Maple 2018.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem?
How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance

Hi everybody,

Why f generates the error "... orthopoly is not a module or member"

f := proc(n)
   uses orthopoly;
end proc;

as g works correctly ?

g := proc(n)
end proc;

Thanks in advance

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