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In the application example SignalGeneration, I click on the button "Play Waveform" and get the message "This option is only available on the Windows platform. Your platform is X86 64 WINDOWS". Does it really mean that I won't be able to play audio file in windows 7 64? If not, how can I solve this problem ?

Thank you!



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I'm simply trying to define a piecewise function but maple inserts some command I can't even find in the help.

f:-x->piecewise(x<-1,3x^2-5,x=-1,5,x>-1 and x<=4,3x+1,x>4);

and I get in blue

Why is it when I integrate expressions like cos(3*x)^5*sin(3*x)^2, I get this answers in the worksheet mode :


while using the Integration tutor I get:


I know they must be equivalent but it would be nice to have some concistency and also to know how Maple got the first answer.

Anyone has a clue ?



I am trying to produce a 2-D plot of the function (sin(x))^2 using the context menu in document mode but Maple returns this error: sin(x)^2 -> Error, invalid input: smartplot uses a 1st argument, f (of type {algebraic, algebraic = algebraic, {set({algebraic, algebraic = algebraic}), list({algebraic, algebraic = algebraic})}}), which is missing It does the same when I change the function. What's wrong? Thanks St├ęphane
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