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Here are more 3D Strange Attractors, the formula I used is a PickOver which is described in my last post, every plot has 10000 iterations(it could be more), you will find that some plots has shape of a Galaxy which I found very interesting because it is a relatively simple formula!! What more things could be so simple!!?? Gravitation:

Gravitation(different angle): Tornadoe: Tornadoe(different angle and coloring): Galaxies: Galaxies(different angle): Constelation: Thats all for now... If you have a question, suggestion, or an idea for an algorithm, write to me. Scasbyte. (

Hi! I'm ScasByte welcome to my MaplePrime blog.

If you are interested in 3d Strange Attractors but you don't know how to create it here I can show you how, create Strange Attractor is actually very easy, if you are new to Maple then you might this very useful.
Here is a link to the first 3d Strange Attractor(the most simple of all) a PickOver.

Here is the code to generate a PickOver:

Hi!. I'm Scasbyte. I have been using Maple 11.0 for not too much time, I have found that after 2 or 3 hour of usage, it becomes amazingly slow, when I look an usage of the RAM memory it uses about 800 Mb and starts using Virtual Memory. Even if I restart maple(using the command "restart;" it still slow, I have to close Maple and open it again to solve this! Do you have the same problem?? What can I do to solve this?? Thanks!.
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