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How to get logarithm expression using Maple command?

For example, enter log[2](x^2-3x+5)+x^3-1-log[3](x-1)

Output [x^2-3x+5,x-1]

Thank you very much for your help.

How to export Maplet file to .exe file to run independently without installing Maple software?

Hello everyone!

How do I get some information about my computer (eg Windows edition,System processor, Computer name, .....) with the Maple command?

Thanks for your help!

Hello everyone!

I use this procedure to open my inbox:

ShellExecute := define_external('ShellExecuteA', hwnd::(integer[4]), lpOperation::string, lpFile::string, lpParameters::string, lpDirectory::string, nShowCmd::integer[4], 'RETURN'::integer[4], LIB = "C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM32\\shell32.dll"):
OpenBrowser := proc(someURL::string := "http://")

ShellExecute(0, " ", someURL, " ", " ", 1); NULL;

end proc:

Case 1:  I entered the correct email address of my friend who sent me the mail


As a result, the content of the message I received was opened with full information.

Case 2:  When I enter an arbitrary email address that is not my friend, the result is that no content is displayed.


On the email there is only the message: The conversation you requested could not be loaded.

May I ask:  Is there any Maple command to return true in case 1 and to return false in case 2 ?

Thank you very much for your help !

For example my friend emailed me.
His email address is, the email content is HELLO.
How does Maple print HELLO to the screen so I can see it?
Thanks for your help!
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