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I found in the Advanced Engineering Mathematics we have the statement: qq3 := map(int,qq2,x)+(0=a); 1 - ln(2 y(x) + 1) = ln(x) + a 2 which integrates the expression qq2 and then adds a constant. What does (0=a) mean and why does it differ from just adding a? Whenever I try and use it I get this: > int1 := (2*x^2+4)*sin(x): > ans1b := map(int, int1, x)+(0 = c); -(2/3*x^3 + 4 x)*cos(x) = c - (2/3*x^3 + 4 x)* cos(x)
I've got a block of code that I use once in a simple form, and then a second time in a more cascaded form but the second bunch doesn't work. And it seems as though tan won't evaluate numerically for me - it's really bugging me. Maple 11. Here's the block of code that does work: > eqn := Zin = (70.71*(100+(70.71*I)*tan(2*Pi*f/(3*10^8)*0.25e-1)))/(70.71+(100*I)*tan(2*Pi*f/(3*10^8)*0.25e-1)); > eqn1 := GAMMA[i] = (Zin-50)/(Zin+50); > eqn2 := (1+abs(GAMMA[i]))/(1-abs(GAMMA[i])); > sol := subs(eqn, eqn1); > sol1 := subs(sol, eqn2); > unapply(sol1, f);
I've got what turns out to be just a lot of algebraic manipulation - something Maple should rock at. But I can't seem to get things to turn out just right. I have a system of equations in the variable 's'. These are the equations of 3 op-amps, and I'm looking for the transfer function Vo/Vin. V1 and V2 are intermediate voltages at specific nodes, with R1-6 and C1-2, being parameters. V1 = -R2/R1*Vin, V2 = -Vo/(C1*R4*s)-V1/(C1*R3*s), Vo = R6*V2/(R6+R5)+R6*Vin/(1/(C2*s)+R6)
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