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Hi everybody, probably a very basic question for most of you! I created a function with 2 lops n=1 to 10 and m=1 to 10. Each loop (n,m) I have a certain value for the local variable Xlocal. I want to know how I can put those value of Xlocal into a matrix. The place where I want to put it is (n,m) Matrix[ (1,1) (1,2)] [(2,1)(2,2)] Thanks a lot
Hello together, I want to generate 1000 random numbers. I know the function for normally distributed numbers: X1 := random[normald[mu[1], sigma[1]]] The problem is: 1. I want only positive numbers (but exactly 1000)... 2. I want to set a lower(mu minus 3*sigma and upper limit (mu plus 3*sigma) Thanks for your help!
Hi, I possess values for X and Y in an intervall 1 .. 100 . For each combination (X,Y) you get a Z value of 1,2,3 or 4. Depending on the value Z each coordinate (X/Y) in the 2D CS should be displayed in form of a square (if Z=1 ->blue, Z=2->red,Z=3->yellow, Z=4->black). As a result I have to receive a kind of landscape with colored squares. Thanks a lot!
Hello everybody, I am using Nelder Mead for an optimization problem. The algorithmus I found in the Maple library is for minimization. Does anybody know how to change the algorithmus that I can also use it for a maximation problem? Thank a lot in advance!
Hi everybody, I datas for 2 variables X and Y. Each of them contains round about 1000 values. I want to sort the values of x and y and put them in a 3d histogram. Has anybody an idea how to do it?
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