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How can I see the values of B[n,m] when is from 1 to 100 and m also?
Is it possible to export a matrix or table like B[n,m] to excel in order to continue working in Excel with this data.....?
If wrote the following as a Maple code: if Zwischenspeicher[1] >= 100 and Zwischenspeicher[1]
Dear experts, I am using a procedure called Powell(f, Xmin0) with the input parameters f (it is a function) and Xmin0. It is a kind of optimization tool. The poutput is X. It contains the 2 optimized values. The problem is that it is also optimizing with negative values. But I want that it stops when X becomes smaller than 0 so hegatibe. How can I implement that in the algorithmus in an easy way? Thanks a lot!
Hi experts, I want to make a loop. Each time the function f should be changed according to n and m. The values that I obtain with Powell (not important for the undertstanding of the problem) should be put into the matrix A[n,m] > List := Powell(f, Xmin0); [-587.000914326964951, [-0.344030213998255226, 100.344030214880177], 12, 134] > m:=1; n:=1; for n to 3 do for m to 3 do end do end do; m:=m+1; n:=n+1; f := proc (Q1, Q2)->m*Q1+n*Q2 end proc; A[n,m]:=Powell(f); # not important for the understanding of the problem
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