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Dear experts, I have a problem which is probably quite easy to solve for you. I generate 1000 random numbers with the follwing command and save them under R2 R2 := Sample(RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)), 1000) Then I take this numbers and convert them with R2next:=mu1+R2 That means, I want to add mu:=100 on each of the 1000 values of R2. Does somebody know a solution for this problem?The problem is that maple responds: Error, (in rtable/Sum) invalid arguments
How can I display the "summary of a matrix)" (1000*1000* Type:matrix etc)? Thanks a lot
Dear Experts, I have created the tabel B[n,m] with an high amount of values (n=1000,m=1000). Now I saw that I need a matrix for my further proceeding. But just running the thing again with declaring B as a matrix would take too much time. So my question: Is it possible to convert the table B afterwards into a Matrix B?
In my 3 D histogram the colums have a 1*1 base, so normally they would be labeled 1,2,3,4,5 on the x and the y axes but instead of this I want to label them 0.25,.05,0.75,1,1.25,1.5 and so on.......... Is there a way to do it?
Hi experts, I created a 3D histogram with(plots); with(LinearAlgebra); A := [[2],[3],[3],[4]]; matrixplot(A, heights = histogram, labels = [c1, c2, ExpectedProfit], tickmarks = [spacing(2), [seq(i, i = 0 .. 8, 3)], default], axes = normal) Now I want to assign a colour to each column. When the value is 2 of the Matrix it should be red for example, when it is 3 for example yellow and so on. Later Later I want to expand it to a Matrix with B[n,m]n=10 values... Thanks alot in advance for your help!
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