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Hi experts, I used matrixplot for plotting B[n,m]. In B[n,m] I saved n->17 and m->17 values (so 17*17)...... when I use matrixplot(B,.....) I get the following error message: Error, (in plots/matrixplot) invalid input: `convert/Matrix` expects its 1st argument, M, to be of type {Matrix, Vector, Array, array, list}, but received B thanks a lot for your help!
I have a Matrix O[n,m]:=Value with n:=1..10 and m:=1..10 How can I present the values in a 3D plot with x->n Y->m and Z->Value. One time I want to make a histogramm out of it and in a second case just connect them to a surface How can I do that Thank you very much in advance!
Dear experts, I want to plot a matrix with B[n,m] and n:=1..10 and m:=1..10 The problem is that the plots achses are labled with n and m. I want to lable the achses with N:=0.25 to 2.5 in steps of 2.5.... How can I do that?
Dear experts, I wrote the follwing loop. Unfortunately it is very slow. The procedure Powell takes only 5 seconds in a single case, but in this coonglomerate of loops it takes much longer. Do you see a way "to make it faster"? with(LinearAlgebra); S1 := .1; S2 := .1; for n to 10 do for m to 10 do S1:= S1+.2; for m to 10 do S2 := S2i+.2; w := proc (Q1, Q2) -->evalf function.... if (Zwischenspeicher[1] >= 100, Zwischenspeicher[2] >= 100) then B[n, m] := 1 end if; if (Zwischenspeicher[1] >= 100, Zwischenspeicher[2]
I was a little bit unclear so I try to ask again: I have a procedure that is called: Optimization:=proc(f,Xmin0,Step,epsilon,Shorten,Nmax) global Powell_Search_Path; local i,j,x0,sloc,s_c,floc,s,h,criterion,good_step,index_STEP,step,Short,eps, STEP,x_step,F,x,criterion_exit,r,x_s,delta,d,m,f1,f2,f3,len0,Xmin, Xmin should be the variable for the optimized value. I want that the optimization stops when the optimized value is becoming negative (Xmin
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