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Dear experts, I have to optimize a function f with two variables x and y --> f(x,y). The function is not differentiable! Does somebody of you know a link where I could find an algorithmen (the best would be a generic algorithmen) to solve this multivariat optimization problem? Thank you a lot in advance!

Dear experts I have an urgent problem: I used the cholesky to geerate random numbers First I generate R1 and R2 (normal distribution, mean1=mean2=120, std1=std2=40). Then I use R2*=R1*rho+squrt(1-rho^2)*R2 Now I have R1 and R2* with a correlation of rho. The problem iR2* does not have the same mean anymore. It has 160 instead of 120. Can you explain that or find my mistake? If I did one is there a solution to generate R1 and R2* with the mean like the origin R2? Best regrads

I have to vectors with each 1000 values when I want to make addition of both I get: C:=evalm(A+B); Error, (in rtable/Sum) invalid arguments. How can I do it else?
Dear experts, I need to know how to create a vector D containing 1000 times the same value. For instance that each of the 1000 values is equal 10. Thank you a lot
I have a vector M with 1000 values Now I want to add a certain value N:=100 on each of the 1000 values of the vector, but I do not know how to do that. Result:=N+M?
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