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Dear experts, I defined a certain procedure that I use several times. Is there an option to save it so that I do not have it in each working space? Thanks you a lot!
Dear experts, the results are always displayed in blue. When I type: #StandardDeviation(x) as a comment, you do not see it in the result. when I just write StandardDeviation(R1) he calculates it. But I just want to display StandardDeviation(R1) as a headline of the blue results. How could I do that?
Dear experts, I want to display the results of my Maple Simulation in a new window or pop up. Do you have an idea? Thank you in advance!
Dear experts, I defined a procedure in a simulation that I run in MAPLE. Each time I want to run the simulation I have to click return again and have to wait for some seconds. Is there a more efficient way? Maybe to save the procedure in Maple ? or antother option? Thank you in advance for your help!
Dear Experts, I am sorry for theis basic questions but I don´t succeed in solving it. I have to matrix A and B with just one column each and 10 values each. So together 20 values. The 10 values of matrix A I want to plot in a graph (the points shoudl be joined to a lign) and the second matrix B also, but I the same graph. Dou you know a solution for that? Thanks a lot!
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