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Dear experts, do you know how I can color and grid the surfaces/sides of the coordinate system when plotting a 3d plot?
Dear experts, I need to plot a scatterplot: I have a 3*1000 Matrix. Each line gives a x, y and z value of a certain point. Then I want to plot the 1000 point into a 3d scatterplot. Do you have an idea how I could proceed? Thanks a lot!
Dear experts, I need to know how I can calculate the mean and the standard deviation from a matrix? Can anybody help me with this? Kind regards! Marc
Dear experts, I have a variable K[n]. with n = 0...1000 . So that I have 1000 values. How can I delete the 1000 values and set K[n] to zero again (except with restart...)?
Dear experts, I do not know why Maples shows me "undetermined loop" even I wrote end do:? Do you know a typical mistake in that case?
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