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Dear experts, I know that by wirtting title=..... I can give the whole graph a title. Do you know how I can asign each curve in the graph a name? And how to give the x and y achsis a name/title? Thank you in advance a lot!
Dear experts, I know how to give the plot a tite (title=....) but not how to give each curve a name. And furthermore not, how to give the x-achsis and the y-achsis a name. Thank you a lot!!!!!!!!!!
Dear experts, 1. last question: My Matrix M:=Matrix(10,2,[]) has 10 values containing the results f(x) and the second 10 values containing the x values. Now my question is how can I plot these values so f(x) on the y achses and x on the x aches. 2.And: I have a second matrix of the same size and want to plot it into the same graph. How could I do that? Thank you very much in advance !!!!!!
Dear experts, I have calculated a matrix M1 and now I wanted to click the right bottum of my mouse to select "browse" and the export it to excel. Unfortunately I did not find browse. Where did I do a mistake?
Dear experts, I have a matrix with 20 values called M. What do I have to write that maple gives me all 20 values in the result. I mean that Maple shows all 20 values?
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