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Put x=f1(t1,t2,t3), y=f2(t1,t2,t3), z=f3(t1,t2,t3).  

The question is that: How to plot all points of form [x,y,z] with t1 in [a1,b1], t2 in [a2,b2], t3 in [a3,b3].

Thank you.

Is it possible to stop simplifying the expressions automatically in Maple in the following case:

> 2*x-5>3*x-6;

Thank you.

Hello everyone !

I have a problem when I want to calculate the following multiple integration numerically:


It doesn't work. But when I replace sum(x[i],i=1..6)^2 with sum(x[i],i=1..6), it works. Is there any feasible solution to my problem ?

Thank you for reading !


Hello !!

I want to replace the word "assuming" with another word. I tried to write:

> as:=assuming;

> alias(as=assuming);

> `&as`:=proc(a,b) a assuming b; end;

The first two methods are not allowed. The last one doesn't work like "assuming".

Is there any solution to this problem ?


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