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Hi,  I've been looking for a soln for my problem and found this thread quite relevant.

Here's what i have is

PEffSQ := proc (Egx, Egy) if Egy <= Egx then 100*evalf(subs(subs(Eg1 = Egx, Eg2 = Egy, EV), SX(Egx, Egy), PCellMax/PInc)) end if end proc

and then I tried to run this maximize

maximize(PEffSQ(eg1, eg2), initialpoint = {eg1 = 2.3, eg2 = 1.4}, variable = [eg1, eg2])

And just like the problem i have with plotting values from this procedure, i have the following error:

Error, (in PEffSQ) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: eg2 <= eg1

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



I was wondering if there is a more elegant way of doing this:

SX := proc ()::set; local j, sx, SEqn; Digits := 30; SEqn := {evalf(subs(EV, Eqn(1)))}; for j from 2 to n do SEqn := `union`(SEqn, {evalf(subs(EV, Eqn(j)))}) end do; sx := SEqn end proc:

thanks :)



The following is a section of my codes:


Say if i have the following how can I label the contours with the value of f that each of the isovalue contour represent?

Hi folks,

I'm using Maple14 (Build ID 479326).

It's unable to solve the folwing

fsolve({(1.+x[1])*exp(x[1]) = 7.505833908*10^26, (1.+x[2])*exp(x[2]) = 3.000809640*10^12}, {x[1], x[2]});            (1)

while the following is OK!

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