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Is there an in-built function in maple that gives the Nodes and weights for a Gauss-Hermite numerical integration procedure? I was not able to find one in my initial search.


Thank you!

Dear All, 

I am doing a simple optimization and I am getting an answer at the end. I want the output of the optimization problem to be assigned to a number instead of a list. Could anyone please suggest a resolution for this?

Following is the code


dummy1 := sqrt(1/(1+y*e));

R := RandomVariable(Normal(y*e*z/(1+y*e), dummy1));

 y := 1; b := .3; a := 1.25;  z := 1; e := .2:


I am trying to solve a problem using fsolve. Where the fsolve is inside the integral. I keep getting the following message. Here is what I am trying to do 



where Q is a normal distribution and R is also normally distributed with its parameter conditional on Q. Following is the error message that I get.

"Error, (in fsolve) z is in the equation, and is not solved for"

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