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I need to solve P = Inertia*A*sigma[net]/(Inertia+(1/2)*A*(e+v)*d).  Everything has been defined, but v is dependent upon P.  I"ve tried rsolve (probably incorrectly) and all it gives me back is the same equation with all the variables replaced by their assigned values, still with P on both sides.

I'm defining variables in 2-D math worksheet. When I hit enter though, all that shows is a list of the defined variables, but not the variables that they've been assigned to.  For example, I'll enter "e:=0.0010;" and all that shows is "0.0010" instead of the "e=0.0010" that I need it to be.  I'm sure this is the most basic of things, but all the manuals and tutorials I've found just show it happening that way, they don't mention what to do if it doesn't happen.



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