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Is there any command in Maple 15 to linearize an PDE non-linear? Or or there is a package or help file to do so?


I'm handling with Non-linear PDEs in my work and I would like to solve them by these methods.



Thank You


Washington Inacio





It's possible to define a field in Maple 15 with 2 kinds of indices, say type spacetime μ,ν,ρ... and one of the type integer, i,j,k varying from 1 to n?


I would like to define a field like Aμi where:





and so on.  


Thank you Washington Inacio

I was trying to solve a PDE with boundary conditions and maple 15 didn´t give no answer. 

Is there something wrong? I'm just trying to solve a textbook problem om electrodynamics in maple.
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