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i know to make an asymptotic expansion one uses asympt(1+x,x); how do you make it go to -infity rather than plus infinity?

Does anyone know why the scale isn't matching what i asked for here?


I want to plot a graph of Sin[x*Pi]*Exp[A*x], this works perfectly well for low A values but I want to try say A=10^2. Is there any way to plot this sort of function?  


Is it possible to plot WKB solutions such as exp(-I*f(x)*x)/sqrt(f(x); where f(x) is any generic function of x e.g. sin^2x ? I have been trying in maple but can't get it to give me a plot.


maple won't seem to let me plot e^x*sin(2*Pi*x ) for some reason is there any reason why?

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