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Maple wont do anything when i try to solve: DEsolve(diff(X(x), x, x)+(1.6+4*EllipticF(x, 2)^2)*X(x))


any help would be appreciated, as i need to plot the solution but I can't solve it, also the elliptic function is was aiming for was cn^2(x,2) im not sure if this is the version that i have included and so help would be appreciated.

Hi I have the differential equations:

X := diff(F(t), t$2)+(10+8*sin(m*t)/(m*t))*F(t) = 0

I know that if it were X := diff(F(t), t$2)+(W)*F(t) = 0, where W was a constant, then the solution would be the standard WKB sol, but with a time varying function in front this solution is no longer valid.


I know this can be done and would like some help in plotting F(t) against t and i sholud look an oscialltig curve where when sin(mt)=0 it...


I want to plot:

plot(int(x^2*e^(PI*x/10^12 M), x = 0 .. infinity))


where M is 10^8 but i want the units of the x axis to be x/M, is this possible if so please can i have some help.


In trying to solve:

 a := diff(u(t), t$2)+(p^2-I+t^2)*u(t) = 0;
I get the following solutions,              
sol1 := u(t) = _C1*WhittakerM(-1/4-(1/4*I)*p^2, 1/4, I*t^2)/sqrt(t)+_C2*WhittakerW(-1/4-(1/4*I)*p^2, 1/4, I*t^2)/sqrt(t)        
It should be possible to expand these into parabolic cylinder functions and but im not sure how, i would appreciate any help.

Hi I have three differential equations: 

u := diff(P(t), t) = -7*10^(-8)*P(t)*t/(P(t)*t+R(t))^(1/2),

diff(R(t), t) = 7*10^(-8)*t^2*P(t)/(P(t)*t+R(t))^(1/2)+600*(Z(t)^2-10^5*t^3*(1/(1.15*10^12))^(2/3)*e^(-1.15*10^12))/(t*(P(t)*t+R(t))^(1/2)),

diff(Z(t), t) = -4*10^5*(Z(t)^2-10^5*t^3*(1/(1.15*10^12))^(2/3)*e^(-1.15*10^12))/(t^2*(P(t)*t+R(t))^(1/2))


and i want to solve them with initial conditions:

initial := R(0) = 0, Z(0) = 0, P(0) = P;

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