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does anyone know how to make a programme to find values of B^j+1 and B^j+1 where:


matrix([[A^j+1],[B^j+1]]) = matrix([[C,D], [E,F]])*matrix([[A^j],[ B^j])

and with the initial condition that A^j =0, B^j=1. and then run to find say A^6 etc





Does anyone know if it is possible to loglogplot a function like:

y=const, x=0..10^3

y=x^(-3/8), x=10^3..10^8


It would be really useful to plot.

Hi in trying to solve these coupled differential equations i get a weird error:


> t := diff(X(x), x) = -(1-6*R(x)^(1/2))^(1/2)*x*X(x)/(X(x)*x+R(x))^(1/2), diff(R(x), x) = (1-6*R(x)^(1/2))^(1/2)*x^2*X(x)/(X(x)*x+R(x))^(1/2);
/ (1/2)\
d \1 - 6 R(x) / x X(x)
--- X(x) = - -----------------------------,


I have a set of diffferential equations: 

> U := diff(X(x), x) = -10*(1-5*T(x)^2)^(1/2)*x*X(x)/(X(x)*x+R(x)), diff(R(x), x) = 10*(1-5*T(x)^2)^(1/2)*x^2*X(x)/(X(x)*x+R(x));
/ 2\
d 10 \1 - 5 T(x) / x X(x)
--- X(x) = - ----------------------------,
dx X(x) x + R(x)

Thx that has been helpful, would it be possible to sub these solutions F(t) into into another equation and then plot that as well? 

The other equation is: n = 10*((1/100)*modulus(diff(F(t), t))^2+modulus(diff(F(t), t)))-1/2


but i don't know if it is possible to code for that, thanks guys when we learned maple it was a pathetic 2week course and i have been struggling.

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