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     Can you enter debug in a worksheet vs a proc?   

    I have a for loop that is crashing in the middle with a bad calculated number to provide to a thermoprops function.   Is there a way to single step through a for loop (1500 iterations) to see which line is getting tripped up?  I can not post the worksheet as it's private development.   The question is generic to any "for loop".

   I have also tried "porting" into a code edit region, but still can not enter the debugger mode.   Is proper debugger only available if I turn the "for loop" into a proc?   If yes, what is the availability of packages called right after restart for the worksheet for a proc, or do all the pre-calcs developed in the worksheet and the packages to be variables fed into the proc or packages re-declared insde a new proc ???

  Sorry if this is a trival question.

Thanks in advance,


Happy New Years All

Can anyone explain two document formating features I am trying to implement?

1.)  Sections.  I select numbering with follow previous selected and I get three sections with a 1. in front of them vs 1, 2, 3.  


I would expect Technical to become 3.1 when properly following Section 3. header.   Also, I have seen how to manually type the section number, but that seems to defeat the document layout and formatting if it gets "jumbled up". 

2.)  Headers.   Can you suppress headers on pages 2 through X to have a unique cover page header?   This would be similar to word (headers and footers linked to previous section, or not(?) with section breaks as new pages)


Hello, I found this code from Acer works great:

p=floating point number such as 0.003483 

nprintf(`#mn(\"%1.3e\");` , p)

prints a number in Scientific format,    3.483e-03


HOWEVER, What is the #mn please?   Is it a comment, or a MathML function?

Regards, Bill

Good Morning,

I don't know why I have such difficulties with rotational units, esp the 2*pi conversions with radians and revolutions. 

   We are often back solving from MPH of the vehicle back to RPM of the wheel (revolutions per minute [or seconds]) to Rad/sec for engineering units such as torque*RPM calcs for power - kW.   

Almost everytime I try to use units to convert the units the worksheet will revert to "atomic" units.   I quote "atomic" as this is what I appears to be.:  See graphic (also simplifiied worksheet attached)

The unit length(radius) seems to be a factor that is not well documented.   It also seems the earlier rplies include extra work to use convert and possibly "symbolic = true") as an extra step per Acer in an earlier posting several years ago.   

When running calcs the convert, or simplify (to cancel length units m and inches out) the cancelations and the unit combinations seem to work awkwardly in this particular area.


Good Morning,

    Can anyone explain how the Statistics:-nonlinearfit(Time Vector data points, weight at time t) can be used with a real time based (with units) set of vectors?

    To get the fit for an equation to data of the form A*(1+B)^t   with t being time and the growth in kg/sec  the solver needed to be unitless and I get the coefficents.  Reapplying unit of time blows up the eqn.

   P.S., I think I'm being math obtuse this morning on the units.



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