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I'm not sure that I mean datatable component corectly.

I also consider that I was done somthing wrong

Thank you for advanced for any help.



Oryginaly DataTable was inserted as a 3 x 3. I will traing to push maple to obtain 4 x 4 with specific row and column name.


SetProperty("DataTable0", visibleRows, 4);

DocumentTools:-SetProperty("DataTable0", visibleColumns, 4);

DocumentTools:-SetProperty("DataTable0", columnWidths, [20, 40, 80, 80]);

DocumentTools:-SetProperty("DataTable0", rowNames, [r1, r2, r3, r4]);

DocumentTools:-SetProperty("DataTable0", columnNames, [c1, c2, c3, c4]);

DocumentTools:-SetProperty("DataTable0", update)





Download datatable_problem.mw


I'm sorry, a few das ago I asked about it. Problamy my question was unclear.
I've decieded asking again.

I need a prcocedure (or contitional loops/sequences) which allow me to put values which are equivalent
to symbols into the array. The value are taken from eight diferent list. 

I enclose maple worksheet and screenshoot with explanation what I need.

I wil be appreciated for any help.




I have a eight different size lists.

I want to put it into the Array with simplest and clear way as possible respect to first column and containg symbols.
I enclose workseet.

Could you help somone?.
Thank you in advanced




I need a temperature distribution inside a barrier during a heating process.
I will be appreciated for any help.



How to animete BC using varying temperature in time?  How to obtain animated solution?


Diffusivity coefficent...

a := 0.1e-5:

Thickness of barrier...

L := .2:

Heating curve:
Time in heating curve (in hours form exmaple)...

Time := seq(i, i = 1 .. 10):

Varying temperature in time [K]....

Temp_in_Time := [433.15, 568.15, 703.15, 838.15, 973.15, 1108.15, 1243.15, 1378.15, 1513.15, 1616.15]:

Initial temperature [K]

Tot := 298:

PDE := diff(T(x, t), t) = a*(diff(T(x, t), x, x)):


BC1 := {T(0, t) = Temp_in_Time[2], T(L, t) = Temp_in_Time[2], T(x, 0) = Tot}:

sol := pdsolve(PDE, BC1, numeric, timestep = 50):

sol:-plot(t = 3*3600, thickness = 3, colour = red);



Download heating.mw


I have a problem with export value from module.

Could you somene check?,

Thank's in advance.





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